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Building Self Esteem in Children Tips

At each stage of a child's life they may find it difficult to build and maintain a positive level of self-esteem. Once they reach their pre-teen and teenage years, peer pressure is high and the challenges of school work and learning new skills can have an effect on self-esteem levels. A child's self-esteem can always use a boost, big or small, so here are some suggestions to help you help your child build healthy self-esteem.

Accentuate the Positive

Celebrate and recognize what a child does right. This is a learning experience for parents because it is natural to point out the things your child is doing wrong. But, no matter how big or small, recognizing the positive in a child's life makes a big impression. Be sure your positive comments are sincere and that you do not go overboard. Children have a way of dismissing what they perceive as insincere compliments no matter how well intentioned.

Celebrate Achievements

You can help build your child's self-esteem by recognizing, supporting and celebrating their accomplishments. Support your child by attending their sports games, music recitals or other activities and compliment them on their efforts. You can always find something positive in what they do. You can also take photos and display them in collage picture frames in your home, which will foster a sense of pride in your child whether or not they acknowledge their feelings.

Teach The Positives of Helping Others

Children learn by example, so if you have experienced the satisfaction of helping others, pass that feeling onto your child. Children by nature are very giving. They just need ideas and opportunities to channel that willingness to help others, whether it is helping an elderly relative, volunteering their time or creating their own unique way of giving to others. Satisfaction from helping others is a great boost to a child's self-esteem. Capturing their efforts in photographs and displaying them in school picture frames or photo albums will make them feel good about what they are doing.

Encourage New Experiences

Encourage your child to try new things, even though it may be stressful at first. A good self-esteem booster is learning new skills and gaining confidence in new abilities and skills. Trying new things, whether a hobby, sport or joining a club, opens up a new world and your child may find a new passion or gain skills that can be used later in life. Encourage and support your child in whatever they choose to do. They may not tell you but it will go a long way in building self-esteem and self-confidence. Don't forget to take pictures of their new found activities and let them display them in picture frames in their room or throughout your home.

When building self esteem in children its critical to start these practices early, so you can increase the likelihood of your children developing good self esteem. So start these tips right away and your child will someday thank you for giving them this life changing view of how they view them self.


Technological Toys and Children

Many people will be able to remember when toys consisted of blocks, train sets, Lego, Barbie dolls and games like snakes and ladders. Today however, the word 'toy" has been redefined. Today's toys are completely different than they used to be ten or twenty years ago. There are still some of the same toys hanging around, but kids these days are usually looking for more of the newer toys that have been developed in the last couple of years.

Toy makers and manufacturers have changed their way of thinking when it comes to what kinds of toys to design. Kids these days have much higher expectations of what they want out of their toys, and with the newer, technological toys on the market today, and newer, better things coming out all the time, parents have a lot more work to do!

Technological toys entered the market place a few years ago, and the word "toy" has never been the same since. Technological toys range from computer games, and X-box to educational toys like leap frog and battery operated Lego robot toys. There are a ton of different technological toys out there, and parent have the hard task of trying to figure out which ones are harmful to their child's psyche and which ones will actually be healthy for their child to play with.

There aren't too many computer and Nintendo / Xbox games out there that are beneficial to your child. However, because some parents have voiced their concerns over some of these mind numbing games in the last couple of years, the toy developers have now come out with a few educational games that your child will enjoy playing. Some of these games have the education part more cleverly disguised, and your child will not even know that he or she is learning new skills while playing them!

Educational toys for younger children have become more technological as well. Gone are the days of educational toys like the abacus and alphabetical blocks; nowadays, parents of younger kids - even toddlers, are able to buy computer games and video games that their children can play with and enjoy while learning new concepts and skills. There are even exercising plug and play games for toddlers. Parents can plug a toy trike into their television and the toddler can pedal and race on the TV all the while learning about things like shapes, colors, numbers and the alphabet. There are certainly a lot more options out there these days for parents than there were five or ten years ago.

Another educational technological toy that has set the standard for other companies is Leapfrog. This toy maker has been around for years, and they are constantly coming up with new and better ideas for educational toys. They seem to know what kids like, and how they best learn. One of the best things about this toy company is that they make educational toys for a dew different age groups. Parents will like this, because it makes it a lot cheaper when families have more than one child.


Difference in Toys of the Past Ten Years to the Present

It is no secret that toys have been changing in the last ten years. With all of the technological advances made by toy makers and manufacturers, the word "toy' means something completely different than it did to the past generations. Parents will remember when toys meant things like dolls, tea sets, non battery operated cars and trucks, train sets and Lego blocks. Their children however, will remember toys like Nintendo, X Box, Guitar Hero, Robot toys and remote controlled cars, trucks and planes.

Granted, there were some technological toys on the market ten years ago, but they were nowhere near the toys of today! If the toy making trends are to continue on as they have been, I am sure that the next ten years will find us buying robots for our children that have the ability to convert into a few different types of toys.

Ten years ago, the top few toys on the market that children were asking for were toys like the Furby, the Tickle Me Elmo, the Tamagotchi, Beanie Babies and the Teletubbies. There was nothing too technological about these types of toys, and all parents understood them, and how they worked. (Except for the Tamagotchi - some parents may have had some trouble understanding what the point of an electronic pet was!) After that year, the next fads in toys were toys such as, the Baby Furby and, believe it or not, the Yo Yo! The Yo Yo came back on the scene after being completely redone and presented as the new and improved ProYo. Baby Furby was just as big a hit as the Furby of the year before, and toy stores made a good profit off of this interactive toy.

After these toy trends were over, the TV show, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" hit the airwaves, and of course, the board game came out before Christmas and was asked for by many kids that year. Along with this popular game came some toys that were a lot more technologically advanced than the toys of Christmas past. One example of this type of toy is the robotic pet. This toy was very popular with both parents and kids, because it provided a type of surrogate for a real pet, without being smelly, dirty or noisy. The robotic pet did a lot of real, pet like things without the hassle of having to care for a real pet. It was also a great idea for families with pet allergies.

After the robotic pet, technology basically took over the toy industry, and now there are toys like, more advanced robotic toys, video games, X Box, Guitar Hero, Nintendo Wii and all of the plug and play games. There are actually toys that allow kids to exercise without even stepping outside! There are still toys in the stores that are like the ones we had years ago, such as doll, cars, train sets, and the like, but kids these days are asking more for the technological toys. Toys have almost become a popularity contest - kids want what their friends have, and if they don't own certain toy, they are not "cool" to their classmates.


Fill Up A Kids' Bookshelf And Encourage Reading

The books of childhood should be proudly displayed on your easy-to-reach kids' bookshelf. Your toddler can reach for the activity books he enjoys anytime. Is this not a fun way to teach your kids to love reading?

Make reading a habit

Reading is becoming a lost art. Kids are always glued to the computers or the television. They can watch the condensed versions of their favorite stories in the movies, like Harry Potter and the Chronicles of Narnia. There seems to be a lot of distractions. Develop their interest in reading at an early age and store colorful books on their kids' bookshelf. Line up colorful illustrated books for children on the kids' bookshelf. The pictures can help them work their imagination and the stories are fun. The pictures will also teach them about animals, flowers, and things.

A story each bedtime is also an interesting way to cap a long day. Mommies and daddies can also teach their children the values of life while the kids are young, as well as strengthening their bond with their children.

The advantages of reading to your children

Read to your kids so they may develop reading skills of their own. At the start, when they listen to you read the adventures of Peter Rabbit, they will be eager to know more. Prepare yourself for the barrage of questions and answer all of these. Satisfy their curiosity. Each question answered gives helps them learn about the world around them. Little by little, their perspective will develop. When they are ready for school, they are already well grounded on the classics, albeit kiddy versions.

Vary the stories you read to them. Start them on animal stories and later on move on to fairy tales. Look for books appropriate for their ages. Little as they are, do not hesitate to introduce big words one at time. They will be parroting these words with your encouragement.

As you go along, children will nurture this eagerness to read on their own. Watch their minds grow along with their books. You will be amazed at the variety of books showing up on the kids' bookshelf. Children who are read to develop the skills needed to read on their own.

Active listening

Each bedtime, require them to choose a book from the kids' bookshelf. Make bedtime storytelling a regular ritual. When you read Goldilocks and The Three Bears, encourage them to ask questions. Ask them questions too to find out if they understand where the story is going. If they interrupt to ask a question, answer it. You can also ask them what they would do if they were the character in the story. You'll be amused and impressed at their insights.

Read with expression and by all means act out the words. This will make for a fun-filled story time. After the tale, ask them if they like the story and why. This is a way of developing their analytical abilities at an early age, so stock up a variety of storybooks on the kids' bookshelf.


Develop Your Kid's Motor Skills With Pedal Cars

Pedal cars are not just for play. These are handy and fun things to have around for your kid's motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Find out more from here.

Get those pedal cars

When your little ones ask for pedal cars, give each of them the car they would like to scoot around in. You are not just giving in to their whims, but helping them develop their motor skills, as well. As they pedal around the house or on the lawn, they are practicing all motor skills at once.

They have to coordinate their little legs and feet movement, as well as their hand and eye coordination. When they pedal around, they also have to think quickly to avoid missing their busy mommy or your lazy fat dog sprawled on the foyer. At first, this will be difficult for them so expect some hits and misses. In time, they will be driving their pedal cars just fine. Sounds familiar? You were a kid once so you will know what fun it was then when you got the hang of pedaling your car around the house.

Watch their motor skills develop

Motor skills involve the skeletal muscles in a directed manner. The brain, joints, and the nervous system all work together to achieve a desired action. Your toddlers have developed the gross motor skills - sitting up, crawling, and walking. They now need refined skills like using their limbs and coordinating their different body parts. Each time they pedal around, you are sure that the muscles in their legs and arms are getting enough exercise, so encourage them go around in their pedal cars. They get entertained and you get the time to relax and join their fun.

Helping your children develop their motor skills will equip them for life. They will develop better posture. This will aid them in school as developed motor skills have an impact on the brain too.

Helping them along

When you get those small cars, teach them the parts of the pedal cars and the function of each. By taking time to introduce them to their new property, you are in fact teaching them that their new toys are important. Informed, they will love and be taking care of their new cars better.

Let them practice in a bigger space, like the lawn, for example. The moment they have acquired the knack to make those turns, start them on recognizing road signs. This will make their driving exercise fun. You will be amazed at how fast they can recognize signs.

Be firm about your rules. Let them know you are serious about where to park their pedal cars after using them. Of course, you have the responsibility of checking out if there are loosened screws or anything that may harm the children.

Choosing the pedal cars

Bring your kids along when you have finally decided to get them their little cars. You will be surprised that they have their individual preferences. This alone is an exercise towards decision-making. They might go for the fiery fire engine or the Indy racer. To keep up the fun, get gasoline pump storage. They will lap it up.

Check out the manufacturer's instructions and if the pedal cars are appropriate for your 3 and 4-year-old. After checking these out online, go to the shop with your kids. Seeing one online is different from viewing one live. Help your kids along, get them pedal cars.


Hottest Christmas Toys - Jump On The Toy Bandwagon Fast !

The holiday seasons are fun times of the year. Once the Christmas trees and lights go up around town it signals the beginning of this happy season and the highly anticipated shopping frenzy. The joy of songs, eating turkey and all trimmings are just a part of it. The most treasured moments is seeing children unwrapping their gifts, in anticipation of getting the hottest Christmas toys.

Many parents unfortunately figure out what the hottest Christmas toys are when it is too late. To get these hot toys, you absolutely have to shop early as they can go extremely fast once the shopping season begins. If you don't start doing your research soon you may end up paying too much or risk losing out altogether. Figure out what you think will be the best toy for your child. Ask yourself if the toy they want is going to be enjoyed and actually played with or if it will end up in the closet because the novelty wore off at the same time the wrapping came off.

For the third consecutive year one of the hottest Christmas toys and most favored and most wanted gifts is the Wii game console. This gaming system that easily hooks to your TV has action games that are almost real life. It offers a lot of interactive play that makes it so fun with the baseball, tennis, bowling and other games that you can play with all the family members. Even exercise is made enjoyable with the hot Wii Fit.

If you like games and have a Wii the next hottest console is the Playstation 3. This provides you with hours of fun and entertainment. Not only can you play a variety of games, you can load pictures and videos for added enjoyment. With the built-in Blu-ray player, you'll enjoy super crisp, high-definition video that makes this a tremendous value for the entire family.

Back to the basics for boys on your list, they'll be looking forward to action figures. These are on the hottest Christmas toys list every season, the figures just change from year to year. This year the top favorites are Bakugan 7 in 1 Maxus Dragonoid, Transformers that turn from robots to vehicles and back again and Ben 10, television action figure packed with powers that the kids love. Anything you see to create spying adventures with night vision, infrared, and gps systems are hot.

For little girls who like to play house, there is a ton of great toys. Dolls including Barbie are always a hit. This year will be the fiftieth anniversary of Barbie, so you can expect a lot of interest in commemorative or special editions to top the hottest Christmas toys list. The most popular items going are anything you can cook on, for real or play. Easy bake ovens, pizzerias, and cupcake and candy makers are perennial hits. For the pretend set, the top seller is the Melissa & Doug cook sets. From Pizza Party to Slice and Bake Cookie Sets, your child will enjoy many hours of imaginative play.

For old fashioned fun, there are old favorites still topping the hottest Christmas toys list. These are musical entertainment toys like guitars, interactive pianos with lighting and a variety of sounds, music mixers, and karaoke toys. The most popular board games providing hours of fun are Monopoly, Sorry, Uno, and even Candyland. Bear in mind that it doesn't need to be the latest and greatest in technology to be fun for the kids. Family game night still is one of the best activities you can do with and for your children!


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