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Gibout Toys Golf Classic benefiting St. Jude Children's Research Hospitals

The inaugural Gibout Toys Golf Classic 2014, recently held at Stonebrooke Golf Club was a huge success. With the help of the golfers, sponsors and silent auction donors, we were able to raise a total of $5,566.07 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospitals. 


The Toy Bank

Gibout Toys is a proud supporter of The Toy Bank, the philanthropic arm of the North American Toy Industry Foundation (TIF). Toys donated to The Toy Bank support TIF’s partnerships with more than 400 charities which include, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America Military Services and My Stuff Bags Foundation. Toys are also distributed to charities in Canada and across the U.S. through Toy Bank partnerships that serve children living in poverty, those with special needs, children facing illness, children new to foster care, schools and educational facilities and in other distressed situations.

The Toy Bank

Play Comforts

We are very proud, and honored, to participate in this event by donating toys to the Toy Industry Foundation's program Play Comforts, which gives back to America's bravest families.

In 2010 TIF partnered with Boys and Girls Clubs of America Military Services to establish Play Comforts, to benefit the children of our nation's troops. Separation from parents, worrying about their safety in combat, leaving friends behind as they move from home to home, and readjusting when parents return from overseas are all difficult and unique circumstances military youth face. You can see the impact this program makes on NBC's Nightly News with Brian Williams.
Together with BGCA, the Toy Industry Foundation provides toy distributions to America’s bravest children. Through this Play Comforts partnership, Toy Bank toys are distributed to Boys & Girls Clubs located on military bases across the country, serving every branch of the U.S. military at home and abroad. Since its launched in 2010, TIF’s Toy Bank has provided more than $3 million worth of toys and TIF granted nearly $200,000 in funds to BGCA. By the close of 2012, we will have delivered play to families on more than 65 bases. 



We have adopted a classroom in our community through the Adopt-A-Classroom program! This is a great program for teachers to supply their classroom with much needed supplies, that they would normally pay for out of their own pockets. 100% of the money goes to the teachers. Support this great cause by supporting a classroom in your community!

A donor selects a classroom and makes a contribution for the teacher to use and purchase much needed resources for the classroom. Donors may search for classrooms by geography, school name, teacher name or other search criteria. Adopt-A-Classroom partners the donor with an underserved classroom in the community. Adopt-A-Classroom directs 100% of all donations earmarked for classrooms to the classroom teacher in the form of online credit. Adopt-A-Classroom takes $0 for administration. The teacher uses the credit to shop online from a network of affiliate vendors that have partnered with Adopt-A-Classroom. The teacher has full discretion to purchase resources that meet student needs and increase opportunity for classroom success. If the teacher is unable to meet classroom needs with the affiliate vendors, Adopt-A-Classroom will work with the teacher on a one-to-one basis.